its not my gift of death‏

September 21, 2011

so yah
its not the best day for me to talk about my life’s
circumstances being good
first thing when i got here – checked my email
first one, titled – “vomit” – one word
stall door and wall floor and toilet
then in a different bathroom a toilet with a broken flush valve
not a big deal but the toilet was full of …
and ya can’t fush it till ya fix it
plus a huge pot full of 2 week old congealed pork grease
dispose of that
and then the can of death
(it was NOT human which was my paranoid concern – to furry,
didnt check beyond that)
worse thing (not really but maybe the hardest)
smiles all around @ the luncheon
in stuff like that sometimes i feel like a car salesman –
one of the ladies’ kid was there- he really is a car salesman
i am a butterfly
and i leave in spastic flight on a xanax breeze
so… death and puke and piss and shit and grease
and good people that i just can’t handle right now
but this is my job NOT my life
let that be clear
and it is a good job
sure, not what i imagined and at times unpleasant
more of that another time
i got work to do


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