failing to sleep‏

July 10, 2011

i feel like if i gathered all of the people i love together
– well the people i love with an ache of longing –
that they would all love each other
it would be a sweet and pleasant party
it wouldnt be very loud though there would be laughter and cold beer
and everyone would have to drink some and laugh some
even if they didnt like it
it wouldnt be a party about me or for me but about goodness
all of these excellent people

my children would run about and find open hearts and faces and arms
everywhere they turned they would be loved
accepted and welcomed
and they would be seen for the pure energy and joy
the beauty that they are
we would all be welcomed by each other like children
and be seen for these true things about ourselves
and i would glow in a corner watching something so beautiful
and i would be rich because of it

a smile would not be overlooked or a friendly offering of touch rejected
and i would come stand beside each and every person
and bring them a beer and a star
and then hold their hand while they drank it and talked
and it would feel so right and innocent to hold hands, so knowing

then i would lay down on the couch
and let the water of these known comfortable voices wash over me
the peace would overwhelm me
and i would cry myself gently to sleep


One Response to “failing to sleep‏”

  1. james Says:

    If I were invited I would happily accept a cold beer and an undeserved star. I would contently hold your hand while we talked and laughed. And if I could somehow send you the gift of a peaceful nights sleep.. deep, refreshing, and without worry.. If only I could..

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