my kid

February 3, 2011

we were riding escalators
she could do it all by herself and thought it was pretty much
the best ride ever
but 2 and a half year olds have very little regard to
the personal space of others
let alone their agendas of maybe using the “excalators”
as modes of transport
so i had to ride with her…
it came time to leave
we negotiated and came to the mutually satisfying agreement
of once more up and then down
(this was a long escalator by the way)
on the way up the unthinkable happens
the downward ride stops working and
all the people groan and continue by foot
at this point i’m thinking
“oh no, the agreement must not be compromised lest trama ensue”
so i bend down to The Little’s ear and say gently
“sorry sweetheart the down escalator is broken”
she immediately responds, “no daddy, its just stairs now”.

thus i learned that escalators cannot actually break

only become stairs.


One Response to “my kid”

  1. Gail Brown Says:

    Ah Hannah, Love her so much, I just don’t always feel up to her challenge and heights. She is so smart, quick witted and charming. Mom

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