Hubris? – yes, have some.

January 28, 2011

other blog names for someone:

certainly “chairman of the bored” is already taken (and boring)
“exactly close enough”
“hey look at me i am verbally pissing my pants”
or (remember this)
“put that in your book” …… (sumani tutanka owache)

or for music:
“genre neutral”
“moist music”
the word moist was voted the least favorite word in the english language
(da moist hated woyd)

for brand new bloggers:
“welcome to 2005”
“i have been typing very slowly for years”
“my emotional sphincter is broken!”
whoa, what a weird word – sphincter

maybe a christian blog called:
“balls out christianity”
“sell all your stuff (and give the money away)”
and the old standby:
“holy shit”

or (for all of us who presume to share):
“how do you spell humility? – ME”
“Hubris? – yes, have some”

a baby blog called:
“taste your world”
“let ’em cry it out –
aka let ’em starve and they’ll learn to feed themselves”
no time for subtlety here people

a blog for church maintenance people called:
“sexy sexton”
“sexton’s secret”
“move your own damn chairs, in the name of Jesus”

or, more seriously:
“in an interesting aside”
i like that phrase (though it kind of puts pressure on you
to make the next thing you say, well… interesting.)
let’s talk about that later (after i’ve tried a few more times)


3 Responses to “Hubris? – yes, have some.”

  1. Ryan Roling Says:

    My favorite: Sumani tu tanka, o wa chi. Ta tanka kee a blea a low.

    But we must all remember the most important warning from that epic show: Wa chi chu, wa chi chu!

    Yes – of this we must be aware.

  2. pickleloaf Says:

    Interesting aside – my dad likes to say “just a little levity there” from the pulpit after a failed joke.

  3. pickleloaf Says:

    PS — This is Sarah

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